Newness, a simple step to take today

It’s Special Day!  What I want for this special day is your further success.  What is further success? It is a new behavior by you that leads to newness in your life.  Newness could come in the form of more clients, happier clients, more closings, more money, more free time, new skills, more vacations, or more fun!.  How do you know you are entering newness? Answer - You feel uncomfortable.  Discomfort!!!!  It’s the sign that you are evolving into something new.  Without it, you are doing the same thing you have always done that has led to the results you are achieving now.  So let’s get uncomfortable! We all have a few things we know will push us to evolve, renew, be new - it may be working a new script, making twice as many calls, learning a new way to connect with people, signing up for a class or training, teaching something, or making a wild idea a reality - Get Uncomfortable Today!

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