Basic Education

Week One New Members learn the basic Tools of the Super Realtor and the Custom Tools of the Agent Collective to set the stage for your Massive Success in real estate.

Real Estate Mastery

Month One, with Super Realtor Tools in hand, we now give you core knowledge, skills, and habits you will practice, refine, and master through your first two years with the Collective.  Welcome to the technological cutting edge of Real Estate.

Leadership Growth

Careers are built with the Agent Collective.  Be a Super Realtor© with options to step into many of the clear career paths for born leaders to grow into lucrative and fulfilling Leadership Roles once Real Estate Mastery is achieved.

Mastery Starts Here

A snipet of our Real Estate Mastery Program

Leadership Growth

We grew from 5 Members to 20 in 2018 and will grow to almost 90 in 2019, that is 1700% growth.  Do you think we are looking for amazing Leaders to step up, grow with us, and take part in creating this Massive Success!?


Your Next Step Is To Call 602-740-8428

Or set up an appointment with Agent Collective Director Geoff Adams.  Geoff leverages his experience as an educator, business owner, and top producing real estate agent to quickly lay out a success plan for you.  Set up a quick call and see what he has to say.