Agent Collective

vs. Traditional Team

The traditional real estate team model that has been taught for decades is broken and disingenuous. It's a top-down promise of leads and mentoring that spurs Agents who don't know how to support other Realtors and who often don't have enough business to feed themselves to offer "Team Opportunities."  They are taught to make false promises about "too many leads" and then throw the phone book at new Team Members hoping they make something happen from cold calling and working sphere relationships.


The Agent Collective was born out of the need for a more authentic, less nepotistic, and frankly less predatory model for Realtors to engage in real estate careers as part of a Team.



To create a new paradigm in real estate Teams we first asked a few key questions:  What business do Realtors want to be in?  What roles do we enjoy and make the most money participating in?  Where do we waste the most time and money?  And how do we create an authentic educational community of Realtors who are encouraged to help one another?



These simple three characteristics of a Super Agent is where started.  In any relationship whether Realtor to Client, Realtor to Realtor, or Team to Team Member, by embodying these words we start with a solid foundation for relational and professional success.



Breaking the mold for the failing team model in real estate meant looking outside the industry for highly effective Team models.  Facilitating an atmosphere of psychological safety was one of the most impactful team and leadership characteristics we found and now practice.  It means leadership leaves their egos at the door and everyone is welcomed to share, problem-solve, and come up with great ideas.



It's all about Value.  We talk about bringing value to the client all the time.  At the Agent Collective, we are constantly talking about how to create and bring value to Realtors, their careers, their lifestyles, and their personal growth.



Measuring Success is the simple science of understanding what leads to success and how our own behaviors and habits align with those best practices.  We at the Agent Collective are on a journey of Constant And Neverending Improvement.  You are about to surround yourself with lifelong learners, creative thinkers, entrepreneurial spirits, and all-around good people.  What are you waiting for?