Tired of working for Brokers and Team Leaders?

With Agent Collective, we are all working for you.

Meet Your New Support Team

Prior to founding the Agent Collective, Geoffrey created and still directs two other highly successful real estate organizations.  All Arizona REO is nationally recognized as one of the preeminent REO groups in the country and one of the few groups to still have REO inventory post recovery.  Realty One Group Commercial was also established here in Arizona in 2014, also by Geoffrey.  What excites Geoffrey the most about Agent Collective is more than the other two, it holds promise to positively impact the most people, both Agents, and clients.

Immediate and Enduring Value is what results through the collaboration of motivated and successful professionals.  This value is created through our sharing of leads, systems, successes, failures, and solutions.  Success naturally evolves from being surrounded by people who are more successful than us, and it's even better when they are willing to share and are invested in our success!

With hundreds of transactions under her belt, Monica is the beating heart of our group.  Pumping out closings from the stacks of contract paperwork that Agents drop on her desk.  Monica fights for every deal to close, sets up calendar events for us on all our deals, writes BINSRs and Addendums, and makes it possible for us each to close 4+ deals a month.