Agent Collective

The New Real Estate Standard For Teams

Offering Simple Drag & Drop Tools to start a high producing team in any Brokerage


Leads, Leads, Leads

We bring the marketing know-how and relationships to immediately deliver each Team Member a minimum of one lead per day.  Day One. That's Value.



Real Estate does not have to be a lonely endeavor.  One of the most rewarding resources is the knowledge, experience, and struggles we share.  Tap into our unique weekday Collective Success Call and share in the collaborative and exponential knowledge growth for your Team!  The most rewarding and Valuable component of our systems.


Systems, Made Simple

Write a Contract and hand it off.  We know salespeople are great at...well...SALES!  "Go sell!" is what we say, and our systems do the rest of the work to close the transactions.  More time for sales, more sales, more income.  Follow up, thank you gifts, buyer loyalty program, CRM, dialers, client events...we do those for you too.  That simple, that Valuable.

The Real Estate Marketplace Is Evolving

Be An Important Part Of This Collective Intelligence Evolution

Not many Realtors know this yet but they are all starting to feel the change.  Commissions are going down, advertising costs are going up, previously loyal clients are being drawn away, and individual agent closing numbers are declining. The days of surviving on our sphere of influence closings alone have come and gone.

Why?  There are many reasons, including the advent of new technology like Zillow and Offer Pad, the gutting of the traditional value-rich brokerages by the 100% brokerage model, and the abundance of new agents pulling deals away from the core agent population.

Leads, community, and systems are how we stay at the leading edge of this momentous shift in the industry.  Giving Agents the value propositions to win against both lone agents and Silicon Valley billion-dollar marketing machines is what Agent Collective delivers.


Next Step

Talk with Agent Collective Success Coach Geoffrey Adams and leverage his experience as an educator, business owner, tech developer, and top producing real estate agent.

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